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UV-resistant clothing for babies

Cloby UV resistant clothing for babies


Enjoying the sun safely: UV-resistant clothing for babies

The sun, we all love it when it shows itself. But don’t forget that the sun can also be dangerous, especially for (small) children. In this blog you will read how UV-resistant clothing protects your baby’s skin. So you can safely enjoy the sun together.

Protecting your baby from UV rays

Young children’s skin is still very sensitive and thus prone to sunburn. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your child’s skin in just 15 minutes. And when you burn in the sun as a child, it can actually double the risk of skin cancer later in life.

When playing outside, children often do not realise how bright the UV radiation actually is. And even while cycling or walking, children often catch a lot of sun rays unnoticed. It is therefore very important to protect them from this.

Baby sunburn

To prevent sunburn, first of all you should always apply sunscreen to your child. Choose a sun cream with a high factor such as factor 30 or 50. There are also special sunscreens for children. These contain less harmful substances such as perfume, etc. and are more suitable for children’s sensitive skin.

It is important to keep applying sunscreen even when the sun shows less, for example on a cloudy day. However, sunscreen alone is not enough. In fact, research shows that it is often not applied properly and not enough. Sunscreen should be reapplied at least every 2 hours, and more often when children go swimming or are very sweaty from playing. It is therefore recommended that your child also wear UV-resistant clothing.

UV-resistant clothing for babies is a must

Ordinary clothing usually does not provide enough sun protection because it does not have sufficient UV-resistant properties. For example, a dry white T-shirt only provides protection of around UPF 15.

Most UV-resistant clothing for babies offers a UPF of at least 40 or 50+. These clothes block harmful UV rays well, allowing your little one to play in the sun undisturbed.

Safe in the sun with Cloby

To enjoy the sun safely, the fabric of the clothing is incredibly important. At Cloby you will therefore find an extensive range of baby products made of UV-resistant fabric that we have developed with our supplier. This special blend of bamboo, organic cotton and elastane is super airy, but also offers UPF 50+ sun protection. And this protection only comes from the properties of bamboo, and the special weave of the fabric, not from added chemicals.

All our products are extensively tested according to prevailing guidelines, and offer a protection of UPF 50+. This means they block more than 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. In addition, bamboo fabric is also antibacterial, breathable, temperature regulating, and buttery soft!

So with our baby suits, baby beanies, ponchos and multifunctional cloths, you can give your little one the right sun protection at all times of the day. Here you will find an overview of our (UV protective) baby clothes.

Super soft and UV-protective baby clothes

The cloths protect your little one when they are in the pram or baby carrier, or you wrap them around it after swimming/playing. The baby suits and hats are a great alternative to the usually warm/thick UV-resistant swimming shirts. Our UPF 50+ suits are not meant for swimming, but instead offer a lovely airy alternative for when your little one is not in the water. Our ponchos are ideal for slightly older children who want to play on the beach or in the park. Super soft and airy, yet still protected.

In short, with Cloby you can be safe through the summer!