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Cloby Swaddle Clips

Magnetic - multifunctional - reversible 

Forget those plastic pegs and style up your stroller with our beautiful magnetic swaddle clips! A stroller is one of the biggest purchases you have to make when you’re expecting your first child. So why not keep it stylish! And our multifunctional swaddle clips are not just intended to use on your stroller, discover how they will help you out in so many occasions!

Swaddle Clip / Pram Clip

Your little one sleeps much more peaceful when protected against external distractions. These distractions can be sun, wind, but also the view on the magical world around them. For this reason many parents like to cover the stroller with a cloth (swaddle) so their little one can take their nap and do not get overstimulated. Our magnetic swaddle clips make sure this cloth will not blow off with every blow of wind!

Remember to only use a light and breathable cloth, and never cover the stroller entirely. There should always be sufficient airflow coming into the stroller to keep a comfortable temperature. For a safe cover please also check our Sun Protection Blankets.

More than a swaddle clip

The magnetic swaddle clips can be used in so many ways and often appear to be a musthave you never expected to use that much. And even when your little one grows up they stay beautiful and practical to use in and round your home.

A few examples:

Do not only attach covers, but also toys, cuddle toys, bibs or even light bags to your stroller, buggy or car seat;

Also suitable to attach a pacifier or toy to your carrier or sling that often doesn't have any pockets!

Wrap a swaddle around yourself and fix it to your clothing with our clip. Voila, a feeding cover that will stay fixed.

Forgot your bib? Don't worry, fix a napkin or swaddle with the clip and there is your bib.

Building tents on a rainy day? Thanks to our clips you build the best constructions.

The swaddle clips are designed to stay beautiful and useful in and around your home when your little one grows up. Attach your kitchen cloths, pictures, drawings or use it as a bookmark. The figurations are endless!

Reversible, to fit your fashion mood

The cloby clips are available in high quality brown or black leather with a light grey inside & a black / grey canvas version with a reflective strip. All swaddle clips are reversible to fit your fashion mood of the day.

Reflective swaddle clips, stay visible - stay safe!

The reflective swaddle clips are made of 2 sides of canvas, with a reflective strip on the grey side. The reflection is visible from at least 150m away! Ideal for a summer evening walk, or drop off and pick up at daycare during the dark winter months. These are all moments where you are walking outside in the dark with your stroller. However, other road users cannot always see that you are pushing a stroller. Thanks to the reflective strip your stroller is visible and you can prevent unsafe situations. You can also attach the swaddle clip to a jacket, backpack, baby carrier, scooter or bike for extra visibility and safety.

The clips are 10x6 cm when folded, and suitable for practically any stroller or car seat.

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