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Cork accessories

Cork accessories

We get more and more insight on the consequences our daily choices have on the environment and our planet. For us it’s evident to always look at a way how we can develop our products as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. During this search we found the already well known material Cork. When we discovered it is not only one of the most sustainable materials there is, but also it’s quality and extra benefits we were sold immediately!

A sustainable choice

Cork is 100% natural and completely biodegradable

Eco friendly and recycable without producing any toxic waste

Cork is vegan as it is produced without any animal involvement

Cork is made from the bark of the Cork Oak. The bark of the trees is peeled every 8 to 9 years. No trees need to be cut down during this process, making the cork harvesting process one of the most environmentally friendly in the world. Peeling the bark even improves the lifetime of a cork tree and makes them absorb more CO2 as well!

Cork offers the best properties for a bib

Cork is water and stain resistant. The bib protects clothing and is easy to clean (wipe or softly rinse)

Cork is strong. Thanks to the honeycomb structure the cork is very strong and wear resistant.

Soft and elastic. Cork fabric is very flexible and elastic. So it is comfortable to wear.

Lightweight: The bib is very lightweight so it won’t bother your toddler during snack- or dinner time!

Our cork accessories are being made in Portugal. The bib has 3 pushbuttons to adjust to size.


  • Cork Bib Natural

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