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Multifunctional sun protection blanket

Multifunctional sun protection blanket

Babies and young children are extra sensitive to sun rays. A serious sunburn during childhood, even doubles the risk of developing skin cancer (melanoma) in the future. So be sunsafe and protect your little one against the suns’s harmful rays with our  multifunctional sun protection blanket!

UPF 50+ UV protection

The soft and breathable sun protection blanket offers UPF 50+. sun protection , the highets possible sun protection in a fabric. This makes sure that it blocks more than 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. This sun protection comes only from the special weaving of the fabric, and not by any chemical additives!

The sun protection blankets have been tested in accordance with the EU, US & AUS/NZ standards for UV protection fabrics. The sun protection blankets passed all tests for UPF 50+. Next to that the blankets received a seal of approval from the Melanoma International Foundation for the outstanding sun protection they provide.


Safe Stroller Cover and so much more

Thanks to the unique characteristics of the fabric + the addition of 2 snapbuttons the configuration of the sun protection blanket is endless. Use it for example:

Stroller cover - attach the blanket to the handlebar of your stroller to keep sufficient airflow coming in. This prevents overheating and creates a safe way of covering you stroller to keep your little protected and have a peaceful nap without any distractions!.

Buggy blanket - attach the blanket to the sides of the buggy and there is no way yourt little one can kick the blanket off!

Baby carrier- attach the blanket to the straps of your carrier and you're little one's arms, legs and even head are protected against the sun (and wind)

Feedingcover - atach the snap buttons around your neck to give you some privacy during bnreastfeeding. The fabric is breathable, anti-bacterial and highly absorbent which makes it an ideal feeding cover.

Cape around your little one, ideal after swimming

Blanket, lightweight fabric makes the perfect summer blanket

Natural and sustainable materials

The Sun Protection Blankets are made from a special blend of Bamboo, Organic Cotton & Elastane. The bamboo is sourced from the Moso timber bamboo plant from a forest that is certified organic by OCIA ( organic crop improvement association). This special blend creates a fabric that is super soft with the following properties:

UV protection: Bamboo naturally provides added protection against the sun's harmful UV rays. The special weaving of the fabric ensures the blanket to provide UPF 50+ sun protection without the use of any additives

Highly absorbent: The bamboo absorbs and evaporates moist rapidly

Anti Bacterial/Anti Odor: Bamboo fabric contains a naturally occurring anti-microbial agent that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it, which means it helps keep you odor free.

Allergy reduced. Bamboo’s organic and naturally smooth fiber properties are non-irritating to the skin, making it ideal for a child’s sensitive skin

Breathable & thermal regulating: ensuring that you are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Lightweight : it feels so soft and light, try it yourself!